WPEngine.com Support PIN

How to Verify Your User Portal Account to WPEngine Support

Now, when you log into your WPEngine.com dashboard, you can now click the small gray “i” icon at the far right to generate an identity verification PIN. Use the PIN to get support in chat or on the telephone.

WPEngine.com Support PIN
WPEngine.com Support PIN

The PIN will stay the same unless you click the blue recycle icon, which you should do:

  • anytime you feel that someone else may have had access to your logged-in WPEngine.com dashboard
  • anytime you contact support and use the PIN
  • once a month, or every time you use the dashboard if it is less often than once a month

WP Engine has one of the best support teams in the business, so please take advantage of it if you need to.  Learn more about this announcement at WP Engine.